Print 6

Joan Miró
Aidez L’Espagne

Joan Miró


Aidez L’Espagne was to serve as a model for a French postage stamp intended to raise money for the Republican cause during the Spanish Civil War.


This is a rare, H.C. signed Miró proof, perhaps the artist’s most important print, pulled by hand in his last years, and provided by him to Sylvan Cole, Dean of the American Print Dealers. It was in the private collection of Mr. Cole. The present sheet is an evocative 1980s limited edition of 60 (notably larger in the margins than what had initially appeared in Cahiers d”Art), an homage to a period of unrest in the artist’s life, when he fled Spain for refuge in France.


The original print appeared in an unnumbered, published edition in 1936 in the French art magazine, Cahiers d’Art. Originally the image was intended as a rendering for a postage stamp to be issued on behalf of the Republican cause by the French Republic, to raise money for the anti-fascist forces in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Aidez L’ Espagne became a rallying cry, a call to action to mobilize awareness of forces dividing Spain. The sympathy of writers and artists for Republican Spain was championed by other important artists, like Picasso, creating “Guernica“, and famous writers screeds, like George Orwell’s “Homage To Catalonia“, and Hemingway’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls“.

Over the years, unsubstantiated copies cut out from the Cahiers d’Art edition appeared complete with a signature that could not be authenticated and was probably forged since the artist never intended the published run to be signed.


Colored pochoir print in bright colors: a perfect example of an extremely rare signed copy of this important print.

PRICE: $50,000