Drawing 5

The Spanish Forger Oil on wood panel.


French, 19th Century – 20th Century

A large wood panel, oil with meticulous detail. The arrangement depicting a construction party complete with blueprints for the design of a castle, the lady of the house making preparations for the final design. Initially thought to be Burgundian Renaissance works, it was later realized that old parchments and wood panels were re-used to fabricate elaborate forgeries, hence the artist’s monicker, “The Spanish Forger”, or, le Faussaire Espagnol, uncovered as a copyist by the Morgan Museum’s first librarian, Belle da Costa Greene. The above work has been designated Panel P116 by Curator Emeritis William Voelkle, author of “The Spanish Forger”.

Collected today by connoisseurs prizing the originality of his forgeries as works of art, The Spanish Forger has become a desirable source of Renaissance-style creations.


Oil on wood panel, in two halves intact.

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